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Ask Tile Excellence, Do It Yourself (DIY) How to Install , Tile Consumer Help Blog has almost 60000 readers since we started tracking, and that number grows each month.This site shows up in organic search engine results pages (SERP) on page one of Google for numerous high priced keywords and phrases-a cost even a big franchise tile company with unlimited funds would have to pay. Our international population has grow exponentially. With the addition of guest bloggers in all areas of small business development and especially tile related or general construction, contractor and general consumer skilled labor trade authors, the blog will see another big jump as those qualified experts share their experiences, how-to, instruction, DIY advice, answering of consumer/reader questions and offering feedback and different perspectives on a variety of related topics, the followers will follow them here. We have some interesting guest bloggers coming up including a father and son duo, and a three generation team of masons.  Professional tile guys and gals are welcome to contact Diana about guest blogging. It's an amazing opportunity. 

Relevant links and content-things we take seriously, which is one reason Google loves us. We have very high quality backlinks that are relevant and valuable. It's all the attention to detail that makes this an ideal site to post your tile or contractor materials, products, services, tools, etc. Some of our tile experts install or repair tile, others specialize in pool repair or mosaic tile art, some focus on beautiful natural glass mosaic back splashes, and some specialize in tub surrounds and shower installations. Many do a little of each. We also have tons of stores, speciality shops and warehouses, many, many from our overseas readers, specialize in supplying all tile related materials: tile-glass mosaic, bullnose, porcelain, subway, ceramic, marble, granite, natural stone, etc. and grout, hardi board, backboard, durock, thinset, spacers, caulk, roof nails, and more depending on job. While they are here, why not have those products available for purchase?

SEO Marketing for Business is currently updating this sight and optimizing the new pages and updated current pages with the best in organic SEO available, and the number of related profiles and authoring networks continues to grow as does the brand: Tile Excellence. These major overhauls will make another big leap in SEO stats, and again, depending on the direction and growth of the site, so many affiliate and advertiser opportunities for consistent sales piggy-banks on its success and reputation. Whole pages dedicated to affiliates and advertisers is possible.

If you are interested in becoming an Ask Tile Excellence  affiliate or you would like to find out about advertising OR if you have an idea for your own marketing plan, let us know. We currently feature random Google Ads on our home page, but that too, will be changing as the focus will go into more targeted tracking and marketing. This page is just one small step towards our overall goal, so if you have a great idea or proposition, we are very open to all ideas.

See the sample Tile Related Sales Lead page of many of the opportunities and possible advertisers targeted for this site-an actual database of leads

Thank you.

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It is so nice hearing about other tile professional's experiences and seeing materials and how-to instruction; very enlightening. That's what this blog is all about; sharing experiences, ideas and advise for consumers and DIY project enthusiasts. Thanks!

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