400 Sq ft of tile installed on memorial day saturday by myself.

Below are some pictures of the Bathrooms In the"Irish social club" In W Roxbury Ma. I worked 12 hours last saturday to Install 400 sq ft of 16 by 16 inch tiles.And Im here to tell you installing this much QUALITY tile in a day is like partisipating in a athletic event!5 bags of thin set and alot of boxes of tile for one day.It was a hard day and not a usual enjoyable saturday especially a holiday saturday. But the job got done and I gained great satisfaction from the fact that even at over 50 I can still out work guys half my age!!see the photos below and have a great weekend!!

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It is so nice hearing about other tile professional's experiences and seeing materials and how-to instruction; very enlightening. That's what this blog is all about; sharing experiences, ideas and advise for consumers and DIY project enthusiasts. Thanks!

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