Welcome 15 different countries this month from around the globe reading this blog

Diana and I are proud to welcome our International readers from around the  globe! We are amazed and grateful to see stats that indicate readers from 15 different countries   just this month alone.  The countries visiting the "ask Chris" blog  are very diversified and include this month France, Germany, Australia,  India, Canada, China,  Ireland, New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia, United Kingdom, Iceland, Malaysia , Moldova and of course  the US. We thanks all our interested readers and hope we are providing you with useful information and valuable insight. We  look forward to more opportunity's to serve all our readers tile info needs , and as always will answer any specific questions or inquiries directly related to our industry.  We want to offer a special  thanks to all our readers and also to Google international for making it possible for our out of the country readers easily finding us.

Tile Installation Guest Bloggers

It is so nice hearing about other tile professional's experiences and seeing materials and how-to instruction; very enlightening. That's what this blog is all about; sharing experiences, ideas and advise for consumers and DIY project enthusiasts. Thanks!

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Email: jake@trugarddirect.com

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