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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Natural Slate & Glass Tile Bathroom Installation

Natural Slate & Glass Tile Bathroom Installation

Natural stone slate tile is a very beautiful multi-color material that is not really a contemporary look but an all natural look. So it wouldn't seem that it would mix well with a modern contemporary glass tile look. But surprisingly, the slate tile installation job shown below turned out to be a very wonderful look.

Natural Slate Tile for Flooring can be installed over wood or cement if the floor is dry and stable.

With 6 x 6 slate outside and a glass centerpiece on the walls and 12 x 12 slate on the floor, it became a amazing look in this bathroom. It became a one of a kind look with the flair of the glass and the natural look of the slate I actually loved the look. I hope this may give you some unique ideas for your own bathroom. Thanks for reading.
6 x 6 slate tile stone

6 x 6  natural slate border with glass field

6x6 slate and glass tile shower

6 x 6 slate corner meeting glass tile

front of tub with glass tile

front of tub with glass tile

back wall close up of glass tile

back wall close up of glass tile

12 x 12 slate bathroom floor

12 x 12 slate bathroom floor

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unbelivable prices for flooring in my town

A friend of mine in Rockport mass. who has referred me many jobs over the last 2 years, called me to come do atub shower tile job. The square footage of the job was 50 sq ft plus 16 liner ft. of bullnose. I charged him $ 350.00 and completed the job in 5 hours a good job for me.

They were not sure what they wanted to put on their 35 sq ft bathroom floor.After completing the tub,I asked About the floor.The wife told me she didn't think they could afford tile on the floor and would have to do linoleum . She was talking with a very well known Family flooring company in Gloucester ma (my town) the next town over. I asked more about what they would get and the cost. Unbelievably the cost for linoleum for 35 sq ft was $700!!!COME ON how do these people sleep at night?My friend is a good hard working ethical homeowner living on a semi retired income.I told the wife to go get 40 sq ft of porcelain tile from Home Depot $40 3 sheets of 3ft by 5 ft hardy board hardy board $30 1 lb 2 inch roof nails$3 and 15 lbs sanded grout $13. I charged her $135 for labor , completed her job in 2 hours more that day.She had a floor installed material and all for $211 and I made $68 per hour more that day.Now my question to readers and contractors out there Whats your opinion on this??I do tile every day and have for over 30 years and am very quick and have a lot of tricks in my tool bag to expedite the job. But the kind of prices being charged out there are just plain crazy. I advise ANYONE who is having work done in their home to shop a while see you options and talk to at least 3 or more tradesmen until you find the best fit. Don't get caught up in smooth talk and salesmanship and pay dearly. And if its a tile job feel free to contact me any time for the lowdown on what I know best   I wont solicit you just give you my advice like I do every day through this blog no strings attached.  Thanks Chris

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thanks for coments and questions about custom tile installations from around the world

 I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you out there for your questions and coments making what I do that much more enjoyable and challenging
Its a honor to answer questions and help those out there make educated and well informed
choices when it comes to renovating and improving thier homes. And I want to send out a huge THANKs to our international readers,My web master informs me we have a huge international following from all over the world. Russia,Australia.France,Germany, Brazil, just to name a few.
This blog Is being translated into many languages and we are recieving lots of international readers.
So keep the questions and coments comming  And THANKS SO MUCH I will do all I can to continue to produce quality custom work here in Boston as well as answer any questions for our followers here on the blog.And as always I am always available for inquiries about do it yourself installations . regards   chris lawson

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