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Sunday, November 25, 2018

2:39 PM

Natural Slate & Glass Tile Bathroom Installation

Natural Slate & Glass Tile Bathroom Installation

Natural stone slate tile is a very beautiful multi-color material that is not really a contemporary look but an all natural look. So it wouldn't seem that it would mix well with a modern contemporary glass tile look. But surprisingly, the slate tile installation job shown below turned out to be a very wonderful look.

Natural Slate Tile for Flooring can be installed over wood or cement if the floor is dry and stable.

With 6 x 6 slate outside and a glass centerpiece on the walls and 12 x 12 slate on the floor, it became a amazing look in this bathroom. It became a one of a kind look with the flair of the glass and the natural look of the slate I actually loved the look. I hope this may give you some unique ideas for your own bathroom. Thanks for reading.
6 x 6 slate tile stone

6 x 6  natural slate border with glass field

6x6 slate and glass tile shower

6 x 6 slate corner meeting glass tile

front of tub with glass tile

front of tub with glass tile

back wall close up of glass tile

back wall close up of glass tile

12 x 12 slate bathroom floor

12 x 12 slate bathroom floor

Thursday, April 19, 2018

10:53 PM

The hands of a working man

Ive been posting  articles here since 2011. Ive been criticized by my peers mostly competitors and  at times threats of being sued  because i shared my opinions of products and procedures I use tried and true from over 35 years of laying tile. I write here on this blog for the sole purpose of helping and informing hard working people like myself how to get the best  quality tile job possible at the best possible price or even do it yourself. This economical thinking angers my competition and others in the industry. They would rather you not know the inside knowledge of your installation and for sure not be able to do it yourself.They see it as jobs and money they may lose. I on the other hand believe that by helping others is a asset and in the long run actually brings in more jobs and thus more income at the very least builds trust and appreciation from the ones it helps.  My competition never miss a chance to slam me , claim I'm incompetent and in some cases slander me as not knowing my job. Well to this i reply  Ive been installing tile for a lifetime  and in Boston alone in 15 years Ive  completed at least 100 jobs per year  so more or less 1500 jobs in the north shore area .  I continue to complete quality installations in north shore Boston and now Florida  to this day. I spend 8 months a year in Florida  and 4 months a year in Massachusetts and install tile to make my living.  I post pictures of jobs completed alot of time here on this blog Ive written many articles here that detail the process and best product that I use to do my job. I share MY procedures and experience to readers not as the ONLY way to do it  but as the way my years of experience have proven successful. I always offer my readers to ask questions  or call me direct for guidance through their job or dealings with their contractor. I'm just a working man  with working  mans  hands  willing to help who i can in a world mostly looking out for themselves.  Here are some photos of jobs completed in the last month  thanks for reading  and be blessed

kitchen back splash and counter top

diagonal floor tile

oak wood counter trim for tile

counter top tile and glass back splash

another shot of counter and back splash

natural stone archway over garden tub

natural stone on front of garden tub

river stone shower floor

more river stone shower floor

brick tile front stoop

another shot of brick tile being installed

black tile shower with glass and stainless boarder

black tile ceiling

round bubble tile shower floor

closer look at glass and stainless boarder

more round tile shower tile floor

out side 2ft by 1 ft porcelain floor tile

hard working hands

Thursday, April 12, 2018

4:48 AM

Top 10 Most Useful Websites for Homeowners

Top 10 Most Useful Websites for Homeowners 

Top 10 Most Useful Websites for Homeowners
Tile Excellence offers DIY hints and how-to's. We thought sharing some other professional home makers and designers would be a nice addition. Here the author has collected what she felt was the TOP TEN useful websites for homeowners, much like the links we have on our LINKS page to help consumers with the tough stuff, like how to clean cat urine out of grout lines! Hey, it's life. Hope you enjoy. Let us know! Diana Smith, AskTileExcellence 

1. Home Fair

Home Fair provides city reports, school reports, salary calculator, cost of living standards, and a multitude of other useful tools and information for a new homeowner, or any person looking for more information tailored to a specific location.

2.How to Clean Anything Clean Anything

The name says it all. When you own a house, you have multiple rooms, and possibly a yard, to keep clean and up to sanitary code. This site gives great, specific tips on all kinds of cleaning tasks.

3,., an Independent Marketplace -

Sure, there are countless other stores to find home goods and appliances, but if you're looking to add a handmade or vintage touch to your home, check out, an online marketplace where you can shop for all things vintage and handmade, from artwork, pottery, clothing, furniture, gifts, and more,

4. FreeCycle -

Freecycle is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Search for where you can donate those clothes you don't need and those old pieces of furniture you don't have room for, to someone else who can use them.

5. AC Doctor's Energy Calculator -

Ever wonder exactly how much energy you are using (and paying for)? AC Doctor's online Energy Calculators help you determine what effects high-efficiency cooling and heating solutions can have on your finances and your environmental footprint.

6. Heating Oil Shopper -

If you're like a vast majority of homeowners, you're probably not only looking for ways to save money on home energy spending but also how to do so with the least harmful impact on the earth. Home heating oil is both a cost-effective and eco-friendly home energy option, and Heating Oil Shopper makes it easy to find how to upgrade your home to heating oil.

7. Insurance Finder -

Owning a home is a large, and expensive, undertaking so it would be crazy not to ensure your home and any other valuable items that you own. makes finding and comparing insurance options as easy as pie.

8. Epicurious -

One great perk of owning a home, rather than perhaps a small apartment, is having a full kitchen where you can cook up a storm. Epicurious is one of the best resources for delicious meals you can make in your new kitchen.

9. Stepcase Lifehack -

Stepcase Lifehack is a great website covering technology, workplace productivity, home productivity, habit-forming, and other tips for a more efficient lifestyle. This is a must-see for new homeowners embarking on the new and exciting (and daunting) world of home-ownership.

10. House Directory -

If an empty house could talk, what would it say? "Decorate me!": that's what we think. House Directory searches more than 3500 sources for home furnishings for your home, and it is conveniently categorized into appropriate and easy-to-navigate topics, such as Kitchen's & Tableware, Bathrooms, Artwork, Lighting, Fabrics, and more.

Friday, March 30, 2018

9:50 PM

From tile to masonry transition stone work and how to build a masonry pond

Tile to Masonry Transition Stonework

How to Build a Masonry Pond

If you've been following tile excellence blog for some years now, maybe you've felt comfortable and tried your hand at doing some tile work. If you've successfully done some tile work then stone and masonry work will be easy. Tile has straight lines and precise cuts needing  a lot of careful planning to keep it straight and clean.  Natural stone on the other hand is more like a jigsaw puzzle without straight lines and an abstract pattern. Its installed with concrete like tile and leveled flat in the same way, just no lines to keep straight and an all natural stone finish.  I built a Koi pond in my backyard from concrete with stone around the edge and a brick paver patio around it.  Here's a series of pictures, taking you through, step-by-step so you can DIY

Click on my Facebook Page to see the pictures from start to finish! Then build yourself a Koi Pond!

Here's other masonry and stonework I've completed and posted here for your pleasure 

I have always created these blog posts to inform  and educate folks with confidence and info so as if you have it done or do it yourself  you will know what it takes to get it done. As always I am available for you to ask questions get advice to get it done! 

It's nice if you ask  HERE ON THE BLOG  so others can learn along with you, but if need to, you can always call me direct  chris 978 471 9127

completed pond with pavers

shot of pavers installed

a natural stone border around the pond

pavers and stone border

large koi fish in the pond

my dog junior helping me lay pavers

paver outline ready to fill in field

 making cuts just like you would tile

pavers and stone on the right side of the pond

pavers around tree

garden tub with stone work on the front

natural stone shower floor

more river stone shower floor

stone archway above garden tub