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Monday, September 24, 2012

Recent Custom Installation Slate, Round Glass Tile Floor, Natural Stone Fireplace


Sorry not a lot of time lately to write here on the blog, but I haven't gotten any questions here either! Come on, guys! Thanks for the emails and calls though, keep them up, but if you write here, I get a notice from my site and it helps remind me to write!! I've just been so busy, I could use the break. I'll be posting some shower pics I did on a handicap accessible shower a couple of weeks ago. Thanks.



Pictures from tile installation jobs of Chris Lawson, Tile Excellence August 2012 

  Natural Slate Tile Installation


Two Bathroom Showesr, Floors  & Wall and Customized Tile Installation including custom made soap and wall inserts

  Natural Marble Bathroom Floor Tile






Round glass mosaic tile installed on bathroom floor


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Honest ethical contractor behavior

Ive just left Craigslist where on a regular basis my postings are flagged by competitors. The same thing happens on bulletin boards around my home town and the North shore. My ads ,flyers and cards are removed on a daily basis by other tile contractors  who cant stand reasonably priced competition. Some of my competitors dont like the fact that I put out there prices, free advice and even offer to give my customers advice on how to do it themselves. The fact that I offer a premium installations at a affordable price, Do one job at a time, and offer personalized  service  doesn't sit well with my local tile installers. But you see I am a working man myself and have had the experience of needing something done and not being in the position financially to have it done. My  web site reflects my "In your shoes" mentality by never collecting and selling my web visitor information  and my "ask Chris" section allows anyone to ask a question and get a educated answer about their tile installation any time and for any reason  even if doing it themselves. I have been getting allot of international traffic over the last year, and people from France, Australia and parts of Europe have been visiting. The most important thing to Me at Is not to make money (although I have bills like everybody else) but to share and help as many people as possible with my years of experience. So in conclusion where ever you are and whatever the job.  I invite you to Get a second opinion before you commit to a price on your tile job or If doing it yourself from someone who will give you a honest straight up answer with no thought of what will I get from it. And if you live in the Boston North Area give me a call and I can get you all the info you need to Make your  tile, marble, or custom Job all it can be thanks   Chris

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