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Monday, October 27, 2014

Corner Cuts Part 6 Backsplash Installation

Project Backsplash Installation LIVE

Marblehead, MA -October 27, 2014 -10:27 am

Part Six

Here are some pictures of some transitional corner cuts most of the receptacles are cut around now and in the short time I'll be grouting this backsplash. Again I want to say how much I appreciate the diligent efforts of my amazing webmaster, SEO and marketing genius with great ideas, Diana Smith of SEO Marketing for Business who makes all this possible.  Please remember this is the first day that I've used this technology, so please bear with me any fu paws  and misspellings or ignorance on my part. 

It is not intentional and I apologize upfront as I use this technology more. I will become more proficient and you as readers will get much more benefit so here's some pictures of cuts as this backsplash progresses.  Next we'll be grouting. regards Chris

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