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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tile Installation Formulas for Floors and Walls

Tile Installation Formulas

[for installing tile flooring and tile walls)

  1. How to Figure Out Square Footage
  2. How to Know How Much Tile to Purchase (once you have sq. ft.)
  3. How to Figure Out How Much Thin-set and Grout [setting materials] You'll Need
  4. How to Know How Much Hardi Board or Durock to order

Unknowingly experienced tile installers use formulas every day.Through experience  we just automatically figure in our thinking of jobs using unnoticed formulas every day.It just dawned on me the other day on the job   that I could share-some of these formulas to readers and it would help them understand more about what it takes to install tile and how to understand more about how to find a reasonable installer for their job.

1 .the first and foremost formula  is the figuring of  square footage 
  • the ft of the length multiplied by the ft of the width determines the total sq ft.
    •  for instance  a 5 ft room length  by 5 foot width = 25 total sq ft
  • a 10 ft wide room by 20 ft long = 200 total sq ft room

2. After you know you sq ft of tile to be installed .you need to know  how much tile to order.Generally you need 10%more tile than the actual area to be tiled to account for cuts and waste when installing straight line tile .If you are going to lay tile in a diagonal pattern you will need to add 15% more tile than actual area to be tiled because with a diagonal installation there will be more cuts and waste

3.The formula to figure setting materials grout and thin setis pretty straight forward. For every 100 sq ft of tile you will need 50 lbs of thin set mortar  and 25 lbs of grout

4 .Hardi Board and Durock is generally sold in 3ft by 5 ft sheets= 15 sq ft per board. So you need 1 board of Hardi Board or Durock for every 15 sq ft of tile to be laid.It takes one half pound of nails to nail each board. So 1 lb of 2 inch roof nails for each 2 boards of 3 ft by 5 ft Hardi Board or Durock boards to be installed.

These are some  formulas needed to understand basic tileinstallation . All tile installers even if unknowingly use these formulas every day when pricing and preparing for tile installation. Tile jobs are priced upon the sq ft of tile to be installed the sq ft of the Hardi board or Durock and the shape of the area to be installed in.

Other factors include:

  • the materials to be installed , mosaic tile , marble or slate
  • tiles are more labor intensive and cost more per sq ft to install than ceramic or porcelain tiles. Every tile installer has a different cost base according to their expertise,
  • overhead,and how busy they are. Shop around, get references
  • be comfortable with whomever you hire to install tile in your home.
  • But most important remember tile in your home when installed correctly will be there for many many years so make sure from the beginning it is exactly the look you want!

Hope this info has been helpful and as always If you have specific questions we are always here at Tile Excellence  to answerany questions you may have about your tile installation project
thanks again

Chris & Diana

Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to build a simple access panel door for motor access during tile installation

 How to create a simple hot tub, jacuzzi motor access panel door during tile installation

Hot tub / jacuzzi access panel doors are essential to being able to get to your hot tub motor for replacement or repair as needed.  I've been asked many times what is the best way to do this while still using being able to use tile on the front of the garden tub. On this post I will go through a simple, inexpensive process, step by step with photos showing how to build an access panel door while being able to both tile and access the motor.

Pic # 1  shows the raw opening just studded out and ready to Durock then tile.

Raw opening picture of motor
Raw Opening

Pic #2 shows the product of Velcro I used to adhere the Durock so it could be removed after it is tiled. I chose the extra strong type of Velcro as the weight of the tile will put a lot of stress on the rock to stay in place.

Extra strong Velcro
Strong Velcro Product

Pic #3 shows the placement of the Velcro on bottom stud. 

Placement of Velcro on bottom stud
Placement of Velcro on bottom stud

Pic #4 shows same placement of Velcro on bottom stud.

Different view of same placement of Velcro on bottom stud
Same Placement of Velcro different view on bottom stud

Pic #5 shows placement of Velcro on the Durock piece cut exact to the opening .

Exact Placement of Velcro at opening
Exact Placement of Velcro at opening

Pic #6 shows Durock in place closing access door ready for tile.

Durock in place and waiting to be tiled
Durock in place; ready to tile

Pic #7 shows access door tiled yet to be grouted.

Access door ready to be grouted
Tiled but not yet grouted

Pic #8 shows handle installed so door can be pulled out  .

Easy Access Handle
Add handle for easy access

Finally pic #9 shows completed door ready to grout . If motor ever needs to be replaced or repaired then simply cut out grout lines and remove door for motor access, replace motor and re-grout door again

Finished door ready to grout
Completed door ready to grout!

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