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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Marble Mosaic Medallion Tile Foyer Flooring Installation I Tile Installation

Perimeter Marble Borders of Foyer Floor

Marble Days #2

The second in the 3 part series of "marble days" is a little more elaborate than the first as promised and describes and shows the use of perimeter borders of marble around the edge of a foyer floor
The middle of the "field" tile is a 4 ft by 4 ft custom laser cut mosaic marble medallion installed diagonally within the different color boarder. 
The first 7 (# 1--#7) pictures are close ups of the medallion showing the detail and beauty of the highlight of this foyer.When installing a deco border on the perimeter of a floor you always pre-cut and lay out the border FIRST. Then fill in the FIELD so you get your BORDER square and laid  out to your desired placement. Sometimes the room is not square or there is some variation in the outside of your room and you can hide these areas around the perimeter of your room, keeping the center field square and the visual flawless and centered.



The pictures # 8 9 10 show the perimeter border installed first ready to fill in the FIELD.After installing the border the field can be filled in , in this case with marble the 1\16 inch grout joint is quite challenging . The cuts leave no room for error and the fact that this FIELD is in a diagonal pattern just amplifies the challenge.Pictures # 11 12 13 show the progress of filling in the Field. This kind of installation can be a test for even the most seasoned of tile installer as marble is a entirely different installation than any type of ceramic installation, 

The next photos #14 15 16 17 show the finished foyer and the detail involved in mosaic and perimeter border marble installations. 


The next "marble Days 3" blog will deal with marble wall boarders , marble trims,marble base,and marble deco trims in a entire marble bathroom including a walk in shower a garden tub, and master floor.Hope you enjoy this blog and these great photos Chris

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