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Friday, May 31, 2013

$100 pool tile repair

So many pool owners have shared with me how hard and expensive it is to have pool tile repaired.The pool maintanance and repair companies want to redo the whole pool gunite and all.This repaster and tile install Is very costly  thousands to be more precise.Finding a professional to just do a quality tile replacement can be challenging and downright frustrating.First off tile installation on a swimming pool  cost about 3 times the cost per sq ft of  a normal tile installation.second of all the pool tile removel and replacement s very specialized not just any tile man can remove and replace tile on a pool so as you cant tell its been replaced.I love doing swimming pool tile, because i love the sun and being outside.In the not to far off future We will be going back home to Florida and I will probably in semi retirement do only swimming pools.So to get back to the useful info  pools can be challenging. first thing to do in a pool repair is cut all around the outside of any tile to be removed ,on the botom line of tile (where it meets gunite/concrete)the score line has to be really straight because your new  tile line will sit on this ledge,and in order for it to be staight and level thos LIP  has to be perfect.I always use a hand grinder with a 4 inch diamond blade to cut out the line and the grout before removing the old tiles.Installation of the new tiles should always be done with thinset mortar mixed kind of thick to hold the tiles in place where you stick them.when Mixing the grout ALWAYS ad portland cement to your grout for added strength and durability. About 3 parts grout and 1 part portland cement(comes in gray  and white colors) Its probably better for the do it yourselfer to do this repair in the morning or late evening when the direct sun is not right on your area to be repaired. below are some pictures of the pool I repaired this past week and charged $100 for the repair. This just proves (IF I DID IT FOR THIS PRICE)  There are people out there who will treat you right on your pool repair  you just have to find them
the pictures below are of the pool repair and the thinset/medium bed mortar that I used to do it. The job is in wenham ma. for some folkes Ive done 3 other jobs for  great people ! this repair took me 1 hour to complete

loose tile removed ready to replace

closer look

tile replaced ready to grout 

finished product

another closer look of finished

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