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Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to build a simple access panel door for motor access during tile installation

 How to create a simple hot tub, jacuzzi motor access panel door during tile installation

Hot tub / jacuzzi access panel doors are essential to being able to get to your hot tub motor for replacement or repair as needed.  I've been asked many times what is the best way to do this while still using being able to use tile on the front of the garden tub. On this post I will go through a simple, inexpensive process, step by step with photos showing how to build an access panel door while being able to both tile and access the motor.

Pic # 1  shows the raw opening just studded out and ready to Durock then tile.

Raw opening picture of motor
Raw Opening

Pic #2 shows the product of Velcro I used to adhere the Durock so it could be removed after it is tiled. I chose the extra strong type of Velcro as the weight of the tile will put a lot of stress on the rock to stay in place.

Extra strong Velcro
Strong Velcro Product

Pic #3 shows the placement of the Velcro on bottom stud. 

Placement of Velcro on bottom stud
Placement of Velcro on bottom stud

Pic #4 shows same placement of Velcro on bottom stud.

Different view of same placement of Velcro on bottom stud
Same Placement of Velcro different view on bottom stud

Pic #5 shows placement of Velcro on the Durock piece cut exact to the opening .

Exact Placement of Velcro at opening
Exact Placement of Velcro at opening

Pic #6 shows Durock in place closing access door ready for tile.

Durock in place and waiting to be tiled
Durock in place; ready to tile

Pic #7 shows access door tiled yet to be grouted.

Access door ready to be grouted
Tiled but not yet grouted

Pic #8 shows handle installed so door can be pulled out  .

Easy Access Handle
Add handle for easy access

Finally pic #9 shows completed door ready to grout . If motor ever needs to be replaced or repaired then simply cut out grout lines and remove door for motor access, replace motor and re-grout door again

Finished door ready to grout
Completed door ready to grout!