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Monday, October 27, 2014

Finished Rustic Broke Joint Brick Backsplash | Part 9


Project Backsplash Installation LIVE

Marblehead, MA -October 27, 2014 -12:34 pm

Part Nine

Broke Joint Brick Backsplash

Completed in Under Five Hours @ a total labor cost of $340.00

I just got done grouting, cleaned up my mess, wiped down the backsplash twice , wiped down the floor twice,  got all the tools in the car and I am driving away. Job turned out beautiful,  It is a rustic tile with a little bit of wave on the edge to give it that rustic look, making the broke joint brick pattern really stand out in this backsplash. It turned out very nice,  and I hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks for checking it out Chris

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  1. it looks good. Rustic Tiles ? is always the good choice for backsplash.

    1. Thanks Alvin I love installing back splashes for people I usually save then major costs and usually only a day job. Thanks for the comment

  2. Well, you are in the great segment of tile installation market. I think the business is good?