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Thursday, April 19, 2018

The hands of a working man

Ive been posting  articles here since 2011. Ive been criticized by my peers mostly competitors and  at times threats of being sued  because i shared my opinions of products and procedures I use tried and true from over 35 years of laying tile. I write here on this blog for the sole purpose of helping and informing hard working people like myself how to get the best  quality tile job possible at the best possible price or even do it yourself. This economical thinking angers my competition and others in the industry. They would rather you not know the inside knowledge of your installation and for sure not be able to do it yourself.They see it as jobs and money they may lose. I on the other hand believe that by helping others is a asset and in the long run actually brings in more jobs and thus more income at the very least builds trust and appreciation from the ones it helps.  My competition never miss a chance to slam me , claim I'm incompetent and in some cases slander me as not knowing my job. Well to this i reply  Ive been installing tile for a lifetime  and in Boston alone in 15 years Ive  completed at least 100 jobs per year  so more or less 1500 jobs in the north shore area .  I continue to complete quality installations in north shore Boston and now Florida  to this day. I spend 8 months a year in Florida  and 4 months a year in Massachusetts and install tile to make my living.  I post pictures of jobs completed alot of time here on this blog Ive written many articles here that detail the process and best product that I use to do my job. I share MY procedures and experience to readers not as the ONLY way to do it  but as the way my years of experience have proven successful. I always offer my readers to ask questions  or call me direct for guidance through their job or dealings with their contractor. I'm just a working man  with working  mans  hands  willing to help who i can in a world mostly looking out for themselves.  Here are some photos of jobs completed in the last month  thanks for reading  and be blessed

kitchen back splash and counter top

diagonal floor tile

oak wood counter trim for tile

counter top tile and glass back splash

another shot of counter and back splash

natural stone archway over garden tub

natural stone on front of garden tub

river stone shower floor

more river stone shower floor

brick tile front stoop

another shot of brick tile being installed

black tile shower with glass and stainless boarder

black tile ceiling

round bubble tile shower floor

closer look at glass and stainless boarder

more round tile shower tile floor

out side 2ft by 1 ft porcelain floor tile

hard working hands

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