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Saturday, January 3, 2015

9:39 PM

Tile Installation DIY Consumer Help Blog Says Bye to Blogger

Chris Lawson No Longer Associated With Consumer Help
Blog | Ask Tile Excellence

Effective last month, but officially finishing up this week, Chris Lawson, chief tile blogger here on Tile Installation| Consumer Help Blog is no longer a member of this tile focused DIY and Consumer Help Community. 

He plans on semi-retiring to Florida sometime in the near future, where he'll find Pool Around Tile Installations and Gemstone Tiles and Tile Art, three businesses/websites I created for Chris over the past 4+ years waiting for him. Plus of course E-Bay. 

I'm also pleased I could be instrumental in making a difference in Chris's life, and help him build up his tile business which has been thriving and lucrative for years, well known throughout North Boston and Cape Ann, Mass. This has allowed him many future opportunities he hadn't planned on. 

We are looking for someone to step up and take his place. Guest tile bloggers are welcome! We'll soon introduce our "Tile Excellence Tile Installers" in the North Shore area who provide tile excellence in their services!

Good luck and Best Wishes.


Ask Tile Excellence

Friday, September 26, 2014

8:58 PM

Tile, Flooring, Plumbing,Carpenters, Electricians, General Contractors I Need Experts to Join DIY Consumer Blog Tile Excellence

A majority of the questions here relate to issues around tile installation,  bathroom remodeling and general contractor - type  questions and projects. We are continuing to add new tile experts to our list of future guest bloggers, and are hoping to add other expert skilled laborers and contractors in all areas of home improvement, such as: plumbers, carpenters, flooring experts, bathroom and kitchen remodeling experts, landscapers, sheet rock and wall experts, electricians, etc. to join us in providing the best, most honest and ethical answers and blog posts for our readers. The goal continues to be providing our site as a solid resource for do it yourself [ DIY ] and consumers needing answers-real answers, not sales pitches or slams to competitors, but REAL honest, ethical, compassionate and upfront answers and posts to situations consumers deal with when building a new home, improving on an existing home, or general contractors working for homeowners and businesses. We also want to be a powerful resource for these skilled businesses and provide resources links, advise, expertise, experience and direct answers to peers trying to run good businesses, who care about their customers, and provide good products/services at reasonable prices. Topics have in the past included discussions on copper pans vs. rubber membranes, time lines, prices and quotes, ethical practices, bad customer reviews and online review sites in general, customer testimonials, "professional" organizations online such as Home Advisor, Thumbtack directories and free listings. For more information on the small business end, you are welcome to contact Diana directly. She writes the content and profiles for Tile Excellence, related blogs and websites as well as other small business and local contractors. Diana's site (in process) can be reviewed at For information on Tile Excellence blogger opportunities or small business information, contact

With over 53000 readers to date, and the number continuing to grow, we feel we have a rare and wonderful opportunity to make a difference; to help each other out while building good, ethical business advise and trust with our consumers/readers.   So share your expert experience, help others, and be part of a very popular and trusted community.

If you think you can help our readers please email Diana directly with a summary of your background and why you think you be a great addition to the site. Thank you for your consideration.


To book a tile installation job contact Chris of Tile Excellence, or call him at 978 471-9127.