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Monday, October 27, 2014

Backsplash Tile Installation LIVE from Marblehead, MA I Part One-Backsplash Installation Cost Formula

Project BackSplash Tile Installation LIVE

Marblehead, MA - October 27, 2014 -Start Time: 8:38 am

Backsplash Tile Installation LIVE from Marblehead, MA 

Part One-Backsplash Installation Cost Formula

This blog post is unique because I am using a bluetooth headset and blogger email post, so I am blogging to you LIVE from location in Marblehead, MASS where I have been hired to install a small kitchen backsplash. I wanted you to come along from start to finish, taking you step-by-step through my tile installation process. This includes you in all areas of my work-times, locations, my process when approaching a back splash installation job. I will tell you exactly how much quoted this customer-the exact same amount they paid at the end of the day-and the break down of how I calculate the labor costs. I shared my wall and floor tile installation formula in an earlier blog post here. Now I'll share my backsplash tile installation cost formula and you'll see it in action and see how it works. You will also see pictures from beginning to end, from the ruins (hehe) to the beautiful rustic backsplash now installed in another home in Marblehead MA. Happy customers, short and easy day for me. 

This backsplash is 12 by 3 ceramic tile. The first thing I do is to loosen and take out all electrical receptacles.T

There are four outlets on this job. I charge $10.00 per outlet, so that's $40.00. The backsplash will be 30 square feet. I charge $10.00 per square feet, so $300.00. The total cost of my backsplash tile installation labor is $340.00. Very reasonable I think you'll agree. Simple backsplash tile installation formula I made years ago. The customer is always thrilled with the cost, the quality and the amount of time it takes. Just a few hours, start to finish. So I made my customer happy; I made a reasonable day's pay, and I'm out of work early enough to enjoy part of the afternoon. Life is good. 

I will now continue to remove receptacles and once done,  I move on to next step/  I will post another update soon. On to Broke Joint Tile Pattern Chris

Backsplash Tile Installation Formula Used By Tile Excellence
Simplified:  [Square feet of tile to be installed x $10.00  + [4 electrical outlets x $10.00]  =$340
Even more simplified:[ Sq. Ft x 10.00 +[ # outlets x $10.00] = Total Installation Labor Costs]

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