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Saturday, December 20, 2014

7:12 AM

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ever consider blogging for a good cause? Helping consumers and DIY er's?? 

Even if you don't need the business,or any new customers, or publicity or want/need to answer consumer questions, or your are pretty famous or you just keep your high tile status on the LD, OUT yourself here and now!

Committing to anything is tough especially when you are trying to run your own business or supervise others. There's barely time in the day. But you might have a little time here and there to put together a great tile related blog to share on this site for our readers and especially consumers looking for answers and people in the business. We want the best of the best tile experts in the world, but I'm told those opportunities do not exist. Expert tile guys are not that common, and with their levels of expertise, experience, education, job titles and some-paychecks- they won't be interested in this blog especially for no pay. That's right, free. Which is actually for you since I charge everyone else. [only kidding] But how's about in the spirit of giving back, of appreciating the gift God has given you, or perhaps just feeling like you want to be part of something that's been built on dreams and a vision, with one behind the scenes yet all over the place person who's never seen a paycheck? Mayve it would be nice if you showed us rookies how it's done. I'm kidding, but I am hoping someone, somewhere in the expert realm of tile will humble themselves and support this blog and add some very needed expert blood to help our consumers have good information to make good choices. 

We need tile experts and all kinds sales and marketing to get this wonderful and helpful blog on track. Don't let the amazing potential be wasted.  Out yourself here. Help this great blog out by sharing your valuable resources and experience. You'll get a lot more exposure and credibility than making comments unrelated to Chris's post, then posting your company website. We want good, ethical , skilled laborers, contractors, designers, flooring experts and stores that sells related tile, flooring, home improvement products to have a chance to share their expertise, their "niches", their systems, their experiences, etc., but I am deleting more "comments" than posting them because they are not helpful, or actual comments or shared experience, but rather attempts to advertise their product/service. we've been posting for quite some time, FREE of cost, we do offer guest blogging opportunities where YOU and YOUR COMPANY/PRODUCT is featured. If interested, write to with your thoughts or finished posts. Just remember...honest and ethical, non competitive and no advertising-----and most importantly articles/posts that exposure our readers-your potential customers GOOD, HELPFUL information. 


Friday, December 31, 2010

12:12 PM

Tile Installation- Time Vs. Price


First of all, let me apologize. I'm new to all this technology stuff, but I guess my "Welcome to Our Blog" post was supposed to come before I shared stories. However, I thought the following information might be helpful, and save some people some money, so it took priority. I'll try and post the first entry, but we'll see. Hang in there with me folks!

So, onto the information I wanted to share. I wanted to share some insight with people out there that need tile work done. Unfortunately, many people within the industry are out to get as much as they can for installation jobs. One of the most common ways to increase the charges for the installation is to drag the job out. Here's a good example I recently came across.

I recently installed a kitchen backsplash where the customer had gotten several estimates and done his research. Quotes were anywhere from $500-$750.00. Time frames varied from 2-4 days. As soon as I talked to him on the phone, I knew this was an installation that would take me a matter of hours. So, I priced the installation accordingly, which happened to be considerably lower than the above mentioned estimates because I knew through my 30+ years experience, that the job would take only half a day-and it would be flawless.

After our phone conversation, the potential customer checked out pictures of my work and references on my website,  and quickly  scheduled the job. The bottom line here is, there are installers out there who will drag out the job to justify the price or are too inexperienced to do the job in a reasonable time frame, thus charging more. To save yourself from this situation, be sure to get three or more quotes for any installation and get references.  Check out their work if you can.

Tile Excellence, Inc. did the job in about 1/2 a day, and it costs the customer only $350.00 in labor. To see this project, before and after, and/or to see what Scott from Wakefield had to say about his new backsplash and the quality of the work, click here to visit our customer testimonial page.

Next blog post, I'll talk about hardyboard vs. durock. Stay tuned, and send me your questions or share your experience. Thanks.

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