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Friday, March 30, 2018

From tile to masonry transition stone work and how to build a masonry pond

Tile to Masonry Transition Stonework

How to Build a Masonry Pond

If you've been following tile excellence blog for some years now, maybe you've felt comfortable and tried your hand at doing some tile work. If you've successfully done some tile work then stone and masonry work will be easy. Tile has straight lines and precise cuts needing  a lot of careful planning to keep it straight and clean.  Natural stone on the other hand is more like a jigsaw puzzle without straight lines and an abstract pattern. Its installed with concrete like tile and leveled flat in the same way, just no lines to keep straight and an all natural stone finish.  I built a Koi pond in my backyard from concrete with stone around the edge and a brick paver patio around it.  Here's a series of pictures, taking you through, step-by-step so you can DIY

Click on my Facebook Page to see the pictures from start to finish! Then build yourself a Koi Pond!

Here's other masonry and stonework I've completed and posted here for your pleasure 

I have always created these blog posts to inform  and educate folks with confidence and info so as if you have it done or do it yourself  you will know what it takes to get it done. As always I am available for you to ask questions get advice to get it done! 

It's nice if you ask  HERE ON THE BLOG  so others can learn along with you, but if need to, you can always call me direct  chris 978 471 9127

completed pond with pavers

shot of pavers installed

a natural stone border around the pond

pavers and stone border

large koi fish in the pond

my dog junior helping me lay pavers

paver outline ready to fill in field

 making cuts just like you would tile

pavers and stone on the right side of the pond

pavers around tree

garden tub with stone work on the front

natural stone shower floor

more river stone shower floor

stone archway above garden tub

Monday, October 28, 2013

fire place natural stone /tile installation in Lynfield mass

     fire place natural stone /tile installation in Lynfield mass
 Started out with a plain brick fireplace and using a natural stone tile transformed it into
the focal point of the living room. It was tiled hearth to ceiling ,the hearth being face with
stone and the top is 12 by 12's. The corners and the face of the fireplace are covered with
the natural stone tile. The labor cost of this job was $500 well below the cost of masonry
stone. The customer saved about a $1000 over a pro stone mason and got the exact same look.
I used marble and granite medium bed mortar(picture above) to install the stone tile and the  12's
on the top of the hearth. And sanded grout to fill in the gaps and grout the tile on top of the hearth
below are pictures of the job from start to finish.


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