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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hey There, 

 We are  so happy to have received so many comments from readers . Its such a inspiration because for us after hard days of laying tile and keeping up with bills and daily life ,It is at times really hard to write a blog at the end of the night. .But after reviewing the hundreds of comments since we started the blog We have a renewed  motivation to write more. The thanks and appreciation We  feel from these comments touches our hearts and makes all the long nights of SEO work web design  writing and posting pics a pleasure. Thanks  Diana for all your diligent work and patients making this all possible !!! we've  always given back to customers and community and now blog readers. In fact in our  30+ years of tile installations 10% of all income goes to either church  homeless  veterans police  firefighters or some worthwhile charities. Also  10% discounts on tile installations  are given to all public service  customers  military personnel,   teachers ,nurses ,police officers ,  firemen, ambulance drivers  social workers, public defenders, ect  We always look to pay it forward to all folks and we THANK so much all our faithful readers and keep the comments coming because they are truly inspirational.