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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

backsplash installed today in Boxford Ma.

Backsplashes prices  vary in price depending on the installer ,the type of tile,
and the number of cuts needed to do the installation .Many installers tend to
take alot of time to do a backsplash depending on the experience and expertise
they have installing tile. I myself can usually install most backsplashes in a day
and my price reflects that. Today I did a backsplash in Boxford Ma. in a subway
tile with a marble  flower mosaic behind the stove. I have installed 100's of
backsplashes in my career and usually ask a few targeted questions  pricing
them right over the phone. This customer called me on Sunday and I gave her
a price of $350  and scheduled the job for Tuesday .I arrived on the job today
at 8:30 am and finished the job at 2:00 pm .The customer called me at 4pm
when she arrived home and told me how wonderful it looked and told me
she had a bathroom she would like me to do soon. By giving customers such
prices and quality work I generate more work for myself and in the long run
make more money  than getting all I could from each job priced. 
      We  will be adding a backsplash estimator tool on the website soon, and you
will be able to come to the website( and get a price for your own
 backsplash in real time right on the web site . below are the pictures of the
backsplash done today  from start to finish with the labor cost of $350

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