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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Do's and Dont's of Choosing a Tile Installer to do Work in your Home

Tile installation is a very specialized trade and most tile after installed is in effect a concrete like product and can't easily be changed. In most cases if change is needed then new material will have to be repurchased. So it is imperative to hire a qualified professional tile installer to do your work. But How do you know who to choose?

Here are some basic guide lines that can help you make an educated choice.

1. Its always nice to find someone one of your friends has had in their home and has had experience with the installer's work, so start with friends and family to see if any one knows a quality tile installer
2. If none of your friends or family knows of a good tile installer , then the newspaper or numerous internet classified sites are your best bet, the most known of course is craigslist.
3. Always get at least 3 quotes  and if they seem like high prices  they probably are and continue looking until you find something comfortable for you.  The most economical way to go is to find a labor only installer and supply the materials yourself.
4. ALWAYS  get and check as many references as possible  the best reference is a completed tile job somewhere in public  that you can go out on your own and see for yourself.

For instance,  I have 2 jobs in the public mall here in Boston on the North Shore that anyone can just go into the store and see the work.
5.  Longevity and durability of a job is very important  if you can talk to a customer of your installer who's job was done some years ago  you will know the job is still in tack and done in a quality manner and you will get a lasting installation
6.Ask questions of your prospective installer before committing to hiring him. NEVER let ANY installer tell you its ok to lay tile on top of a wood substructure, It will not last half the life of tile laid on Hardiboard or Durock your grout can crack and tile break  from wood movement and any water ever on your floor will cause failure . make sure any tile laid in a wet area such as shower or bathroom is installed with thin set concrete and NOT tile mastic as mastic does not do  well in a wet environment. Never install tile in a shower on Sheetrock  or green board use only Hardi board or durock.
7. Always insist your installer use spacers and if he tells you he doesn't need them he can do well without them  then  don't hire him  period. I've been installing tile for over 37 years  and can lay a floor without spacers  but the finished product is  NEVER  as clean and straight as the one done with spacers.
8. I personally would never want any bench in my shower built out of wood, wood in a wet area makes no sense. Cement blocks are much less costly and will last forever.  I would insist on a concrete block bench in my shower
9. Finally your installer  will be in your house for some  days make sure your choice for a installer is one you feel comfortable and at ease  with.

I hope this advice has given you some inside information and thoughts from a professional tile installer that will make your choice for a tile installer easier and less stressful   

Remember, tile installation is a very hard and physical trade right up there with stone masons, sheet rock hangers  and roofers many years of work can take a real toll on the body. I myself have had both my hips replaced,  my knees are sore, and my back hurts as i step out of the truck first thing in the morning. We deserve to make a good wage,  not outrageous , but fair and honest working pay. If you have any question about your job  as always I am here and accessible by phone to answer any questions from anyone who needs  guidance    chris lawson  Tile Excellence  978 471 9127

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tile Contractors Installers Manufacturers and Flooring Experts | Join Ask Tile Excellence

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ever consider blogging for a good cause? Helping consumers and DIY er's?? 

Even if you don't need the business,or any new customers, or publicity or want/need to answer consumer questions, or your are pretty famous or you just keep your high tile status on the LD, OUT yourself here and now!

Committing to anything is tough especially when you are trying to run your own business or supervise others. There's barely time in the day. But you might have a little time here and there to put together a great tile related blog to share on this site for our readers and especially consumers looking for answers and people in the business. We want the best of the best tile experts in the world, but I'm told those opportunities do not exist. Expert tile guys are not that common, and with their levels of expertise, experience, education, job titles and some-paychecks- they won't be interested in this blog especially for no pay. That's right, free. Which is actually for you since I charge everyone else. [only kidding] But how's about in the spirit of giving back, of appreciating the gift God has given you, or perhaps just feeling like you want to be part of something that's been built on dreams and a vision, with one behind the scenes yet all over the place person who's never seen a paycheck? Mayve it would be nice if you showed us rookies how it's done. I'm kidding, but I am hoping someone, somewhere in the expert realm of tile will humble themselves and support this blog and add some very needed expert blood to help our consumers have good information to make good choices. 

We need tile experts and all kinds sales and marketing to get this wonderful and helpful blog on track. Don't let the amazing potential be wasted.  Out yourself here. Help this great blog out by sharing your valuable resources and experience. You'll get a lot more exposure and credibility than making comments unrelated to Chris's post, then posting your company website. We want good, ethical , skilled laborers, contractors, designers, flooring experts and stores that sells related tile, flooring, home improvement products to have a chance to share their expertise, their "niches", their systems, their experiences, etc., but I am deleting more "comments" than posting them because they are not helpful, or actual comments or shared experience, but rather attempts to advertise their product/service. we've been posting for quite some time, FREE of cost, we do offer guest blogging opportunities where YOU and YOUR COMPANY/PRODUCT is featured. If interested, write to with your thoughts or finished posts. Just remember...honest and ethical, non competitive and no advertising-----and most importantly articles/posts that exposure our readers-your potential customers GOOD, HELPFUL information. 


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