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Monday, January 28, 2013

9:14 PM

Inside shower benches wood Or concrete block

I ask you what would you rather have inside your shower Wood or concrete?Seems like a no brainer to me.But surprisingly most tile guys are making their inside tile benches out of wood framing only because its easy.But the price of wood is high and wood is greatly effected by water.Concrete blocks on the other hand are very cheap and last forever inside your shower.Cost effective and long lasting

concrete block is the only way to go when a bench is built inside a shower. So when getting quotes to build your shower insist on concrete benches in your shower and If your tile guy cant do it find someone who can  and get a 100+ year bench in your shower

Monday, September 24, 2012

10:46 PM

Handicapped Wheelchair Accessible Shower Creation

How to Build a Handicapped Wheelchair Accessible  Shower


I completed a roll in shower for some very nice folks In Essex mass about a month ago. The lady of the houses older mom was moving in and she was preparing for the future. The prices she was getting were out of this world, and I was about the 5th guy looking at the job. The bathroom was a typical old new England over 100 years old.All the walls in the shower were 3 inch concrete with metal lathe, the outside walls of the bathroom were horse hair plaster. The first obstacle Was the tear out, This  was where they were being charged the most $ for labor I walked the man of the house through what it would take and he felt confident he could handle the task. Next I explained step by step what it would take to build their shower in a economic way while still getting a top quality long lasting installation.

After the tear out,  came  the rubber shower pan liner installation making sure the liner is at least 12 inches up the walls and NEVER nailed below the 8 inch mark.The front of the liner will go straight out of the mouth of the shower 2 ft into the bathroom floor(because there is no curb) the liner just keeps going into the room and is nailed at the end  2ft out of the mouth of the shower

With the liner now installed the 1/2 inch hardy board is nailed to the studs everywhere that tile will be installed again NO NAILS BELOW the 8 INCH waterline. Hardy board is caulked and sealed with "silicone II" 50 year caulk.

Wall tile is now installed on the walls and we are ready to build the bench. Almost all the installers who had given quotes on the job were going to build the bench out of wood. 

I knew however that concrete block was much more economic and would last forever. So in about 1 hour I laid 9 concrete blocks with 1 - 60 lb bag of masonry mix and YA! a bench for the next 200 years!

So now came the concrete 3 inch roll over "speed bump" wheel chair accessible shower floor with slant to the drain. This was accomplished in part by having built up the outside bathroom floor a couple of inches high , leaving the shower floor area 2 inches lower before we even started with the concrete . It took 5- 60 lb bags of "sand topping " mix to "dry pack"the shower floor with a slant to the drain and a "speed bump"instead of the normal curb.

The rest was tile finishing Hardy board on top of the block bench in a thick bed of "marble and granite "thinset/medium bed mortar(home depot product) then tiled. Mosaic shower floor tile laid just right over the "speed bump" and meeting the outside floor tile finished off the job. 














This job cost the customer $1600 labor paid to me and about $ 700 in materials bringing their  cost in at about $2300 way lower than any of their other quotes and making it possible for them to get their handicapped needs at a affordable price . Jobs like these make what I do so rewarding. Not every job can be such a pleasure but when they do come, they are so appreciated .!!