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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tile installation and repair 20 Percent discounts In the month of January

I have been overwhelmed with large residential jobs since before Christmas and since I only do one job at a time, haven't been scheduling other jobs until end of Jan or early Feb. I am about to finish a large residential this week. Two other large residential jobs are on hold due to material hold ups and inspection issues. So that leaves some unexpected open time this month. We have decided to offer a 20% discount for the immediate next 2 or 3 week schedule period. This time will fill quickly because we never double book and only work on one job at a time. Also we have a scheduled Fla trip this winter  due to family illness. So time frame scheduling is a major factor for anyone looking to get a tile job done before spring by us and save a considerable amount. We also are considering a barter
opportunity So if you have any ideas run them by us for consideration.
Services and possible barters  include
*ceramic tile installations
*marble  granite and custom slate  installations
*backsplash installations
*bathroom tile installation and bathroom refacings
*walk in shower fabrication
* tub enclosure tile surrounds
*larger basement and commercial tile floor installations up to 2000SQ ft

Mosaic natural stone design with marble trim diagonal 6x6 tile-shower
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